Simple Solutions to the Rising Cost of Energy

As the cost of energy continues to climb, and the market moves towards sustainable energy options such as solar and wind generated power, there is a feeling in some circles that tenants are the losers. Many rental properties do not have solar power, so where does this leave those people who, for various reasons, rent rather than buy their own properties? How can tenants reduce their energy costs?

At Ray White Bunbury we manage all types of rental properties from large, free standing family homes to apartments, townhouses and small units. The best service we can provide to our property owners is to source and keep good tenants. One way we can do that is to offer a few simple techniques they can implement themselves to save on energy costs.

Try These Tips all Year Round

Some of these suggestions will apply all year round, while others are specific to different seasons. For example, we recommend turning off all power points at the wall unless they are being used. Doing this consistently can save as much as $150 a year.

Only wash when there is a full load, use cold water, and use the dishwasher only a few times a week to pocket an extra $90 a year. Take advantage of the sun and afternoon sea breezes to dry clothes naturally and save $95 a year.

Some Solutions for Summer

In summer, fans are more cost effective than air-conditioners and should provide enough relief, especially in open-plan areas. Close blinds and curtains in the early morning before the sun heats up the interior, then open up the house in late afternoon to take advantage of the evening breezes. If using an air conditioner, set it on 24 degrees as just a couple of degrees lower has a surprising impact on energy costs.

Warm Up in Winter Without Fearing the Energy Bill

When the first winter winds blow, close up the house, put on warm clothing and only use a heater if it is absolutely necessary. When using a heater set the thermostat to between 18 and 20 degrees. An extra degree or two might feel cosy now, but it will increase the size of the energy bill.

Close curtains and blinds at night to keep the warm air inside, and block any cracks that are letting in those winter winds. A lot of cold air comes in under the doors, and just plugging those spaces can reduce heating costs.

None of this information is new, but unfortunately, it is often ignored. For tenants who need to reduce their living expenses, our team at Ray White Bunbury think this is the perfect solution.