What Others Say About Us

“In 15 years of leasing properties I have met many property managers – you stand out as the best I have ever dealt with.  Your professionalism is outstanding and I am glad we have met – it has been a pleasure dealing with you.  Very happy with service.”

“We found your staff to be an asset to your business and great to deal with.”

“Service was excellent, the tool box is a fantastic idea and cheers for the coffee!“

“I never experienced better service in the past and I am very happy of doing business with Ray White Bunbury.”

“Most professional agent we had for rent appraisal – answered calls quickly and followed up quickly!“

“I would also like to say that the service I have had from your Property Management team has been outstanding. Other experiences I have had with PM teams have not been so positive. In fact I was required to follow up constantly to make sure repairs etc were made and that rent increases were addressed. So your team has been a pleasure to deal with because it frees me from having to worry constantly.”

“I have never received such great service, it was a lot better than our previous agent. Easier to talk with and very friendly and approachable.”

“Excellent service, friendly, efficient and informative.“

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