Why choose to manage your investment property?

Because we understand that good returns for you translate into good returns for us.

That means top-quality tenants, low vacancy rates and high rental returns on your real estate investments.

We have established a dedicated team of property managers that focuses on property management and Rentals in Bunbury, ensuring that you – the property owner – have our 100 per cent, undivided attention.

We want to manage your property!

In fact, to show you that we mean business we’ll even offer you:

  • free rentals appraisal
  • 30 days free management fees*
  • 60 days free building and landlord protection insurance*

To find out more about our approach or to arrange an obligation-free rent appraisal for your existing real estate and rental property

call 08 97 800 707 or click here


Handling Emergency Repairs in a Leased Property

When renting or leasing a property, it is feasible to assume that emergencies with regards burst water pipes, etc. may arise. If these situations are not dealt with in a proper fashion, the relationship between tenant and lessor can become severely strained. The issue of emergency repairs should be dealt with in the lease agreement […]

Understanding Rental Bonds

Whenever you are starting a tenancy agreement, there are financial obligations you have to fulfil as part of your agreement with the property owner. Apart from advanced rent, the tenant is oftentimes required to pay rental bond. As a tenant, you need to be familiar with this requirement, know what it is for and how […]